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50 years of New Zealand Rallying dinner.
Saturday 19th August 2017
Claudelands Event Center Hamilton.
Featuring special guest speakers, rally cars, NZRC champions, memorabilia and more! Further details here
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2 days agoHyundai Motorsport looks for back-to-back wins at Rally Argentina
4 days agoStars in cars for International Rally of Whangarei
5 days agoInternational Rally of Whangarei entries published
6 days agoCyclone bypasses coming International Rally of Whangarei
11 days agoPreparation pays off for Cox
 Troubled start to the season for van Klink
 Hawkeswood makes strong start to championship
2 weeks agoCorsica demonstrates Paddon’s never-give-up approach
 Hyundai Motorsport scores victory and double podium in Tour de Corse
 Tough Otago Rally for Gilmour
 Steady improvements for Hunt at Otago Rally
 Penny Homes Holden Rally Team to fight back after Otago disappointment
 Holder, Martin take Otago Rally honours
 Well-deserved win for Holder in AP4 Hyundai in Otago
 Hyundai Motorsport takes control in Corsica as Neuville moves into lead
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Sat, 22 Apr 2017 - Hyundai Motorsport looks for back-to-back wins at Rally Argentina
The 2017 World Rally Championship (WRC) moves to South America next week for Rally Argentina, the fifth round of the 13-event calendar
Having secured its first victory of the season at Tour de Corse, Hyundai Motorsport is aiming to extend its winning run with more success on the Argentinian gravel
The team won in spectacular style in Argentina last year. Hopes are high for a similar result in this year’s round.    more...
Thu, 20 Apr 2017 - Stars in cars for International Rally of Whangarei

From 28-30 April Whangarei will again host the opening round of the FIA Asia Pacific Rally Championship (APRC), which brings new cars and a star driver line-up for the 796.78 km journey across revered Northland New Zealand rural gravel roads.

The International Rally of Whangarei, part of the Whangarei Festival of motorsport, will include defending APRC champion and last year’s rally winner Gaurav Gill from India. New for 2017 are the two-car Swedish based Mitsubishi team that include former World Rally Championship (WRC) driver Jari Ketomaa. The 38-year-old Finnish ace has contested the New Zealand roads previously ...    more...

Tue, 18 Apr 2017 - Cyclone bypasses coming International Rally of Whangarei

Two weeks out from the opening round of the 2017 FIA Asia Pacific Rally Championship (APRC), New Zealand’s International Rally of Whangarei has been spared the predicted lashing Tropical Cyclone Cook was expected to deliver.

Ploughing southward, having impacted Pacific Island regions of New Caledonia and Vanuatu, the Category 3 graded cyclone was predicted to swath a path through the Northland region being used to host the 28-30 April event.

Instead it wandered east of predictions, leaving the region largely unscathed. International Rally of Whangarei chairman of the organising committee Mr Willard Martin said feedback ...    more...

Thu, 13 Apr 2017 - Preparation pays off for Cox

Cox Motorsport have got their 2017 New Zealand Rally Championship off to a great start with fifth overall at last weekend's Rally Otago. The effort the whole team put into the Taslo Engineering Mitsubishi Evo X over the off season has proved valuable with the car being more reliable allowing for the aim of finishing with a consistent result to be achieved.

Saturday started well for driver Sloan Cox and co-driver Sarah Coatsworth with the pairing quickly settling in together and recording top three stage times. However stage three saw the pairing catch the car in front and ...    more...

Thu, 13 Apr 2017 - Troubled start to the season for van Klink

Christchurch’s Marcus van Klink has seen a strong result slip through his fingers after crashing out of the opening round of the Brian Green Property Group New Zealand Rally Championship, the Otago Classic Rally.

After completing the build of a new Mazda RX-8 over the off-season, the Klink Rallysport team decided to take their trusty RX-7 to the Otago Classic for a shot at a second victory.

A solid start to the day saw van Klink and co-driver Dave Neill sitting in fourth after the opening three public road stages. A charge through ...    more...

Thu, 13 Apr 2017 - Hawkeswood makes strong start to championship

Andrew Hawkeswood has confirmed his status as a genuine contender for the Brian Green Property Group New Zealand Rally Championship title in 2017 after a strong run netted him second place at the opening round, the Drivesouth Otago Rally, held over the weekend.

Hawkeswood entered the event with a determination to put a solid result on the board as he chases an elusive NZRC title and made the perfect start with two stage wins on the opening two stages and by the opening service after stage three powered the Mazda 2 AP4+ to a lead to more than 20 seconds.more...

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1D. Holder / J. Farmer (1)2:48:38.0
2A. Hawkeswood / J. Cress (6)+45.9
3R. Gardner / A. MacKay (14)+2:03.4
4G. Featherstone / D. Devonport (10)+3:03.5
5S. Cox / S. Coatsworth (4)+4:02.7
6M. Martin / S. Prevot (1C)+4:42.2
7R. Ross / L. Hudson (2C)+4:53.1
8D. Turner / M. Read (7)+5:06.4
9B. Hunt / T. Rawstorn (2)+5:30.0
10D. Buist / K. Celeste (22)+6:19.4
11D. Strong / B. McKenzie (15)+8:45.4
12J. Silcock / R. Atkinson (8C)+9:09.4
13R. Bateman / J. Smith (20)+10:43.4
14A. Jones / T. Gwynne (26)+11:41.2
15B. Green / F. Pedersen (18)+12:23.5
16J. Judd / G. Marra (7C)+12:29.9
17B. Herbert / B. Parker (27)+12:31.7
18T. Gosling / B. Read (6C)+12:35.0
19A. Wood / C. Lancaster (19C)+12:35.8
20G. Walker / T. Dewhurst (16C)+12:48.5
21J. Mitchell / A. Mitchell (39)+13:16.3
22J. Quantock / A. Steel (19)+14:11.2
23B. Stokes / A. Stokes (24)+14:31.2
24G. Ferguson / R. Moody (14C)+15:51.7
25D. Scoles / G. Howden (48)+18:12.2
26D. Thomson / A. Hudson (49)+18:49.8
27A. Dippie / P. Coghill (18C)+19:07.8
28M. Budd / B. Budd (47)+20:09.5
29F. Merkin / S. Everson (46)+20:10.6
30B. Varcoe / S. Graves (26C)+20:31.4
31S. Haggerty / S. Sands (42)+20:49.1
32J. McDonald / C. Smith (44)+23:28.8
33M. Sheehan / S. Faulkner (66)+23:42.1
34R. Davey / R. Gordon (24C)+24:00.6
35M. Laughton / A. Laughton (23C)+24:21.2
36P. Sims / C. Dawson (64)+24:52.6
37D. McCrostie / M. Marshall (36C)+24:55.1
38G. Coey / T. Witheridge (41C)+26:39.6
39C. Mclean / S. Brennan (54)+26:46.6
40M. McElwain / M. Bunyard (28C)+28:28.6
41K. Todd / L. Todd (38C)+30:57.6
42P. Fraser / C. Davison (40C)+31:03.5
43T. Willemsen / P. Willemsen (70)+31:50.7
44J. Williamson / B. Williamson (51)+32:05.9
45J. MacDonald / A. Ramsay (27C)+33:32.6
46D. Quantock / E. Quantock (31)+34:35.3
47C. Saxton / C. Cockburn (48C)+34:36.7
48A. Fisher / J. Hutson (45C)+35:08.3
49R. Burgess / W. Shortus (44C)+35:16.7
50P. Dillon / B. Chisholm (56)+35:40.0
51R. Goss / M. Gunn (68)+38:43.0
52P. Fridd / F. Strass (47C)+44:00.3
53D. Taylor / P. Huntley (65)+44:56.9
54Z. King / M. Thompson (80)+49:31.5
55G. Keen / I. Larsen (81)+50:45.9
56D. Kibble / H. Johnston (17C)+51:17.0
57M. Tregilgas / G. Goldring (50)+52:19.4
58B. Miller / J. Eyre (74)+1:00:52.5
59M. Harris / J. Hudson (79)+1:45:49.1
1E. Maguire / M. Potter (44)1:16:50.5
2J. Vandenberg / A. Hodgetts (80)+2:52.4
3S. Maguire / B. Sheldrick (15)+3:29.3
4T. Auty / J. Sutcliffe (53)+4:20.4
5K. Wylie / J. Sims (55)+4:53.0
6M. Butcher / A. Roark (88)+7:11.1
7A. Peterson / G. Johnstone (35)+9:34.2
8M. How / N. Walker (45)+10:26.6
9N. Grave / S. Spedding (17)+10:49.1
10B. Cromarty / H. Maslin (83)+12:59.9
11T. McLeod / S. Glenney (51)+13:06.6
12B. Johnson / A. Saunders (98)+13:12.7
13T. Kulhanek / T. Dean (81)+13:16.3
14M. Pritchard / A. Butler (52)+13:34.6
15B. Rogers / H. Rogers (69)+13:38.5
16B. Newman / R. Sheldrick (47)+13:51.1
17C. Lewis / A. Carr (39)+14:41.0
18M. Kyle / D. Davies (72)+14:44.9
19D. Oates / D. Lovell (18)+16:11.8
20S. Rogers / E. Wilson (68)+17:18.3
21D. Cromarty / S. Paine (84)+17:46.3
22C. Benjamin / G. McGrath (20)+18:42.5
23N. Roddam / A. Malcolm (61)+18:46.0
24N. Stokes / N. Stokes (96)+18:56.9
25B. Fulton / J. Milner (13)+20:01.6
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