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+1Hanmer Rally published
+3Campbell left frustrated at series finale
 Frustrating finale nets Cunningham eleventh
+4Victory for Force Motorsport at Rally Coromandel
 Cox Secures 2nd in Championship
+5Hayden Paddon: Rally Germany 23 August 2016
+6Summerfield saves best to last at Coromandel
+7Hyundai Motorsport advances WRC driver line-up for 2017
 Double podium joy for Hyundai Motorsport at home in Rallye Deutschland
 Reeves takes victory at NZRC finale
+9Electrical issue sidelines Hunt in Rally of Coromandel
+10Rally Coromandel: Start List published
 Engine troubles mean Gilmour can't start Rally Coromandel
 Racetech backs young Kiwi motorsport talent
+12Cox Ready for Coromandel Challenge
 Hunt looking for a strong finish at Coromandel
 WRC Rally China 2016 cancelled due to weather damage
 Cunningham looks to secure top five at Coromandel
 Summerfield aims to beat Coromandel blues
 Coromandel demons to shake for van Klink
 Campbell aims to salvage result at Coromandel
+13New Champ Holder heads Coromandel Rally field
 Paddon ready to learn on Hyundai team’s home rally
 Gilmour focused on bringing home second for the season
 Hayden Paddon - Rally Germany
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Press Releases
Fri, 26 Aug 2016 - Campbell left frustrated at series finale
Tauranga’s Phil Campbell has had a frustrating finish to his campaign in the Brian Green Property Group New Zealand Rally Championship with a twelfth place finish at the Mahindra Goldrush Rally Coromandel.

Campbell headed to the event aiming to repeat his top-two finishes at the event in the past two years to finish a difficult season on a high note. His team had reverted The Roofing Store Mitsubishi to the same set-up as last season in search of a return to form. However he and co-driver Venita Fabbro were left mystified when what seemed like a good start saw the pair    more...
Fri, 26 Aug 2016 - Frustrating finale nets Cunningham eleventh
West Auckland’s Clint Cunningham has finished a frustrated eleventh at the final round of the Brian Green Property Group New Zealand Rally Championship, the Mahindra Goldrush Rally Coromandel, over the weekend.

Cunningham headed to the event looking to secure a strong result after a trying year that has twice seen Cunningham denied a top five finish by technicalities within the rule book.

Things didn’t start well however with a misfire early contributing to only the 18th fastest stage time on the opening test, although Cunningham worked around the issue and moved forward, including a fifth fastest stage time on special stage three,    more...
Thu, 25 Aug 2016 - Victory for Force Motorsport at Rally Coromandel
Force Motorsport have secured a superb result at the final round of the Brian Green Property Group New Zealand Rally Championship, with regular driver Andrew Hawkeswood coming home fifth while Australian Brendan Reeves took victory in the pair of Mazda 2 AP4+ cars.

Hawkeswood and co-driver Jeff Cress headed to the event sixth in the championship, but well and truly in the hunt for as high as second place in the first season running the newly developed AP4+ Mazda, while Reeves joined the team for a one-off event in the 2015-spec car. The pair made the perfect start, with Hawkeswood trailing    more...
Thu, 25 Aug 2016 - Cox Secures 2nd in Championship
The Cox Motorsport team endured an exhilarating finish to the 2016 Brian Green Property Group New Zealand Rally Championship where the final championship results were not finalised until the last stage of Coromandel Rally. It ended as a successful weekend for Sloan Cox and co-driver Malcolm Read with the duo securing second overall in the championship and Cox also obtaining first in the New Zealand Junior Rally Championship, his last year eligible for this category.

The main aim for Rally Coromandel was winning the junior championship while also pushing hard to secure second in the overall championship. From stage one    more...
Wed, 24 Aug 2016 - Hayden Paddon: Rally Germany 23 August 2016
So the first tarmac rally of the year was no walk in the park. However a 5th place in the weekends Rally Germany has lifted us to a tie of 3rd in the World Championship. Sometimes to put things in perspective for myself, it is amazing to think we are fighting for a top 3 in the world championship in our second full season in the sport. Of course the ultimate goal is the top, but step-by-step we are getting closer – and while doing so achieving all our goals along the way.

We always knew that tarmac was going to    more...
Tue, 23 Aug 2016 - Summerfield saves best to last at Coromandel
Rangiora’s Matt Summerfield has taken his best result of the 2016 Brian Green Property Group New Zealand Rally Championship at the final round, coming home second at the Mahindra Goldrush Rally Coromandel.

Summerfield and co-driving sister Nicole came to the event looking to overcome tough results at the event in previous years. The pair put a lot of effort into refining their pace notes while their team softened the suspension in the Castrol Edge machine and the pair were immediately on the pace, with two fourth fastest and a second fastest time on the opening three stages. That left them to    more...
Recent Results
1Reeves/Gelsomino (8)1:24:48.5
2Summerfield/Summerfield (7)+1:03.6
3Turner/Scott (9)+1:06.1
4Inkster/Winn (12)+1:13.4
5Hawkeswood/Cress (5)+1:38.3
6Holder/Farmer (1)+1:59.0
7Cox/Read (4)+2:03.8
8Featherstone/Devonport (3)+2:10.0
9Jones/Jones (17)+2:20.5
10Robson/Goldring (18)+2:34.9
11Cunningham/Thexton (14)+3:02.0
12Campbell/Fabbro (11)+3:11.1
13Walker/Dawson (34)+3:13.3
14Davies/Millar (15)+4:27.5
15Green/Pedersen (21)+4:40.7
16Bateman/Guckert (20)+5:10.3
17Williams/Bennett (10)+5:25.6
18Gosling/Read (26)+5:45.3
19Redfern/Bartels (29)+5:57.6
20Adams/Tagg (38)+6:44.0
21Douglas/Walker (30)+6:56.1
22Jones/Moloney (23)+7:07.1
23Perry/Christie (58)+7:19.5
24Silcock/Hudson (27)+7:25.4
25Strong/McKenzie (24)+7:40.3
26Thomson/Hudson (41)+8:14.4
27Stevens/Stevens (39)+8:15.2
28Judd/Marra (25)+9:24.4
29Alexander/Eyre (49)+9:32.4
30Cowper/Bielby (68)+9:59.7
31Bell/Martin (59)+10:31.1
32Herbert/Hey (40)+10:32.5
33Rowberry/Burnett (42)+10:59.0
34Goudie/Hudson (52)+11:02.3
35Allport/Allport (28)+11:13.7
36Collins/Spark (50)+11:51.2
37McLean/Smith (47)+12:17.1
38Sheriff/Vernall (62)+12:51.8
39Thexton/Morgan (48)+12:52.2
40Williamson/Williamson (53)+13:17.4
41Bertelsen/Fisher (54)+13:24.3
42Marshall/Lashley (51)+14:08.0
43Torkington/James (55)+14:19.5
44Martelli/Corbett (57)+14:39.3
45Whooley/Liston (64)+14:44.3
46Davies/Bosselmann (74)+16:18.0
47Hoffman/Hinton (61)+16:42.5
48Gracie/Eden (72)+18:09.9
49Willemsen/Willemsen (75)+18:16.4
50Preest/Corbin (70)+20:37.5
51Goss/Leggett (66)+20:55.2
52Carson/Post (71)+29:50.3
53Clark/Clark (31)+30:48.6
1Edie/Johnston (20)1:23:36.8
2Graves/Leebody (1)+33.9
3Ayson/Gibson (5)+1:26.3
4Pettigrew/Pettigrew (62)+1:34.1
5Chadwick/Chadwick (37)+3:08.6
6Ross/Klink (6)+4:45.2
7Hunt/Thomson (12)+4:46.9
8Mills/Allington (9)+4:50.8
9Clearwater/Lloyd (8)+5:06.2
10Quantock/Quantock (14)+5:08.8
11Keach/McLaren (19)+5:11.1
12Marshall/Thompson (30)+5:34.7
13Moore/Solomon (59)+5:38.1
14Laird/Blair (36)+5:53.6
15Keen/Larson (47)+5:56.5
16Verdoner/Kirk (7)+6:00.4
17Wright/Richards (17)+6:41.1
18MacAskill/How-Jones (56)+6:43.3
19Lang/Simpson (32)+7:15.7
20Gouman/Gouman (64)+7:19.2
21Ferguson/Moody (24)+7:43.0
22Paul/Adams (73)+7:57.3
23Mitchell/Lawson (35)+8:04.2
24Baddock/Haggary (3)+8:48.5
25Kidd/Reid (50)+8:51.6
26Gosling/Read (48)+9:02.6
27Williamson/Crook (21)+9:12.2
28McIlwick/Dawson (60)+9:33.1
29Rawstron/McKee (34)+9:34.7
30Cormack/Clement (38)+9:47.3
31Asher/Hewlett (51)+9:50.0
32Garrick/Mills (52)+9:58.0
33Elliot/Currie (70)+10:01.0
34McLean/Stewart (77)+10:13.5
35Brown/Faulkner (54)+10:23.1
36Thompson/Warren (42)+10:35.5
37Gill/McFarlane (71)+11:01.1
38Saxton/Cockburn (79)+11:02.1
39Judd/Marra (2)+11:10.6
40Sheehan/Meades (76)+11:19.6
41Campbell/Campbell (58)+11:21.7
42McConachie/McConachie (83)+11:42.6
43Barclay/Wardell (33)+11:45.4
44Coey/Simpson (69)+12:19.4
45Kibble/Johnston (39)+12:48.3
46Walker/Gunn (66)+13:00.1
47Quinn/Clapperton (41)+13:07.8
48Gillies/Pilkington (74)+14:04.1
49Herbert/Parker (25)+14:25.6
50Eyles/Eyles (80)+16:08.5
51Jackson/Tay (46)+16:27.9
52Adamson/Cullimore (81)+16:37.5
53Robb/Robb (88)+17:09.5
54Wilkinson/Wilkinson (57)+18:55.6
55Clear/Clear (87)+22:23.2
56Keen/Budd (84)+24:33.8
57King/Thompson (85)+25:04.2
58Harris/Hudson (89)+31:49.7
59Judd/Blacktopp (63)+32:47.8
60Spatcher/Brough (49)+1:19:11.4
61McDonald/Huntley (22)+1:33:47.7
62Morris/Morris (23)+1:34:50.4
63Summerfield/Summerfield (13)+1:46:16.5
64Buist/Celeste (4)+1:51:59.4
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2016 Points
1Sébastien Ogier (FRA)169
2Andreas Mikkelsen (NOR)110
3Hayden Paddon (NZL)94
3Thierry Neuville (BEL)94
5J. M. Latvala 89
6Dani Sordo (ESP)86
7Mads Østberg (NOR)78
8Ott Tanak (EST)52
9Kris Meeke (GBR)51
10Craig Breen (IRL)25
11E Camilli23
12Henning Solberg (NOR)14
13M. Prokop 12
13Stephane Lefebvre (FRA)12
15Teemu Suninen (FIN)8
16Elfyn Evans (GBR)6
16M Ligato6
18K. Abbring 4
18L. Bertelli 4
20Esapekka Lappi (FIN)2
21Armin Kremer (DEU)1
21V. Gorban 1
1Jamie Whincup (Holden)2109
2Shane van Gisbergen (Holden)1972
3Craig Lowndes (Holden)1911
4Mark Winterbottom (Ford)1836
5Scott McLaughlin (Volvo)1749
6Will Davison (Holden)1554
7Chaz Mostert (Ford)1535
8Tim Slade (Holden)1518
9Michael Caruso (Nissan)1512
10James Courtney (Holden)1434
11Garth Tander (Holden)1363
12Rick Kelly (Nissan)1341
13Fabian Coulthard (Ford)1300
14Todd Kelly (Nissan)1249
15Jason Bright (Holden)1155
16David Reynolds (Holden)1090
17Scott Pye (Ford)1060
18James Moffat (Volvo)1002
19Cameron Waters (Ford)993
20Chris Pither925
21Dale Wood826
22Tim Blanchard (Holden)776
23Nick Percat (Holden)728
24Lee Holdsworth (Holden)648
1David Holder111
2Sloan Cox74
3Andrew Hawkeswood73
4Graham Featherstone71
5Dylan Turner70
6Emma Gilmour58
7Lance Williams56
8Hayden Paddon51
9Marcus Van Klink49
9Phil Campbell49
11Clint Cunningham45
12Dave Strong41
13Matt Summerfield37
14John Silcock36
14Richard Baddock36
16Ben Hunt34
17Anthony Jones32
17Carl Davies32
19Max Bayley31
20Jeff Judd27
21Brendan Reeves26
1Matt Adams72
2Simon Bell63
3Phil Collins60
4Chris Sheriff38
5Ray Wilson25
1Deane Buist90
2Regan Ross78
3David Clearwater70
4Marcus Van Klink63
5David Quantock58
6Matt Summerfield52
7Richard Baddock48
8Geoff Williamson47
8Graham Ferguson47
10Deborah Kibble45
11Jeff Judd44
11Job Quantock44
13Darren Keen43
13David Gee43
15Matt Wright37
16Richard Bateman35
17Andrew Sim22
17Jason Clark22
19John Silcock21
20Chris Lancaster18
21Phillip Walker15
1Kingsley Jones91
2Warwick Redfern69
3Marcus Van Klink54
4Daniel Alexander44
5Matt Adams39
6Anthony Jones37
7Jeff Torkington35
8Grant Blackberry34
9Brynley Smith32
10Brent Taylor28
10Dylan Thomson28
10Tony Gosling28
13Waverley Jones27
13Wayne Pittams27
15Jack Williamson22
16Jonathan Shapley18
1Hayden Paddon229
2David Holder181
3Darren Galbraith180
4Emma Gilmour177
5Sloan Cox166
6Andrew Hawkeswood165
7Dylan Turner163
8Ben Hunt159
9Matt Summerfield148
10Phil Campbell146
11Glenn Inkster143
12Lance Williams142
13Grant Blackberry140
14Graham Featherstone134
15Deane Buist132
16Regan Ross127
17Shannon Chambers125
18Kingsley Jones122
19Peter Scharmach119
20Lee Robson118
1John Kennard229
2Jason Farmer181
3Anthony McLoughlin177
4Sarah Coatsworth170
4Tony Rawstorn170
6Jeff Cress165
6Malcolm Read165
8Rob Scott163
9Tania Ross154
10Nicole Summerfield151
11Spencer Winn143
12Raymond Bennett142
13Ric Chalmers141
14Venita Fabbro139
15Glenn Macneall136
16Dave Devonport134
17Warwick Searle124
18Karl Celeste123
19Waverley Jones122
20Thomas Thexton121