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  Targa fans set for drift treat this weekend
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 Hellyer Rally entries published
 Hellyer Rally published
2 weeks agoNew Hawkes Bay event is next on Targa schedule
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Fri, 26 May 2017 - Gilmour to channel winning feeling at Rally Canterbury

Returning to the event that saw her achieve an historic victory last year, means Dunedin rally driver Emma Gilmour will be taking some special memories into the 2017 Lone Star Canterbury Rally on Sunday, June 4.

She became the first woman to win a New Zealand Rally Championship (NZRC) event and did so in commanding fashion, with Emma and her Australian co-driver Anthony McLoughlin either winning or finishing runners-up in eight out of the nine stages.

“It was really special to win this rally last year. I’ll be channeling that feeling again come next ...    more...

Mon, 22 May 2017 - Paddon ponders what might have been in Portugal

A rally of what might have been is how Kiwi rally star Hayden Paddon describes Rally de Portugal, which wrapped up on Sunday afternoon (Western European summer time).

With new British co-driver Sebastian Marshall alongside for the first time at a World Rally Championship event, Paddon’s result way down the running order didn’t reflect the potential of the new pairing, which secured four stage wins. Paddon was also one of seven different drivers to lead the rally over the three-day, 19-stage itinerary.

At the conclusion of Sunday, Paddon said: “Certainly ...    more...

Thu, 18 May 2017 - Targa fans set for drift treat this weekend

Motorsport enthusiasts who make the effort to catch some Targa Hawke's Bay action this weekend are set for a special treat - demo runs by top New Zealand drifter Cam Vernon.

Just before the competition cars are due to race through Stages 1 and 7 on Saturday and Stage 8 on Sunday Vernon will 'drift' through the closed roads at speed in his 6.7-litre V8-powered Nissan Silvia S15 drift car.

The Ramarama, Auckland, contractor is no stranger to drifting Targa event stages, having been part of the original Targa-4-Touge promotion at the Targa Bambina event in 2012.more...

Fri, 12 May 2017 - New Hawkes Bay event is next on Targa schedule

An all-new two-day event, Targa Hawke's Bay over the May 20-21 weekend, is next on New Zealand's 2017 tarmac motor rally schedule.

Hawke's Bay has proved a popular staging post or end point for Targa New Zealand events for several years. So when Event Director Peter Martin (of Targa events' owner and organiser the Ultimate Rally Group) was casting around for a second two-day event to slot in between Targa Rotorua in March and Targa New Zealand in October his first preference was the 'Bay

"For a start there are the roads," Martin said this week. "...    more...

Thu, 11 May 2017 - Global day recognises New Zealand motorsport volunteers

MotorSport New Zealand joins the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) and other national governing bodies of motorsport world-wide to create an official day of recognition for motorsport volunteers.

The first FIA Volunteers Day takes place on Friday 12 May, celebrating those who dedicate their time to make motorsport possible in New Zealand and around the world.

“The simple truth is without volunteers, like all sports in New Zealand, we would have no sport,” says MotorSport New Zealand president Wayne Christie.

“A huge variety of roles within the planning, organising, ...    more...

Sun, 7 May 2017 - MRF continue to show speed at opening NZRC rounds

New Zealand importer of MRF Tyres, Palmside NZ Ltd, continue to be impressed by the speed shown and feedback coming from competitors running their tyres at the opening two rounds of the Brian Green Property Group New Zealand Rally Championship, the Otago Rally and the International Rally of Whangarei.

The Otago event saw Deane Buist’s own Palmside Ford Escort as the top MRF runner, not only the winner of the Allcomers rally but inside the top ten overall in a two-wheel drive car.

One of the drives of the rally at Otago came ...    more...

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1L. Hopper / M. Goudie (969)2:52:27.7
2C. West / A. Simms (975)+42.0
3T. Quinn / K. Anstis (696)+3:32.8
4M. Dippie / J. Grant (640)+4:16.2
5D. Rogers / A. Kelly (976)+7:38.4
6R. Darrington / D. Abetz (746)+8:03.1
7B. Green / F. Pedersen (958)+11:25.7
8T. May / F. May (596)+12:23.4
9G. Aitken / C. Cullimore (655)+12:53.3
10M. Kirk-Burnnand / C. Kirk-Burnnand (293)+13:25.7
11N. Patterson / W. Glassford (288)+13:36.8
12M. Wales / M. Osborne (993)+14:25.1
13T. Grooten / B. Grooten (751)+15:57.6
14G. Wong / J. Hutson (988)+16:19.6
15B. Claridge / C. Tannock (312)+19:18.8
16I. Knauf / T. Corbin (933)+19:28.7
17P. Jones / M. Lea (147)+19:44.4
18G. Coley / S. Calkin (932)+21:38.3
19B. Farley / G. Warner (299)+21:58.8
20C. Ross / M. Buer (864)+22:12.1
21J. McCandless / M. Mumm (989)+23:18.3
22M. Cole / S. Tuyl (667)+23:32.2
23M. O'Donnell / W. King (446)+25:32.4
24M. Welch / S. Perwick (573)+26:33.5
25E. Grooten / R. Crane (207)+28:12.9
26R. Boniface / S. Butler (643)+28:26.6
27R. Macdonald / R. Leggett (414)+28:40.3
28R. Ramson / A. Lyall (796)+28:59.7
29R. Graham / C. Graham (777)+30:26.4
30N. Waal / S. Reynolds (980)+32:37.0
31J. Rowley / M. Bailey (477)+32:58.9
32R. Dufton / S. Shaw (506)+33:44.4
33G. Harriman / J. Harriman (182)+38:50.0
34R. Webster / N. Webster (505)+39:46.2
35K. Penny / N. Alexander (498)+41:28.5
36D. Jameson / W. Knott (916)+42:04.0
37D. O'Neill / B. Brookbanks (493)+48:46.5
38S. Callaway / R. Callaway (936)+50:55.9
39J. Thomson / L. Thomson (635)+53:19.5
40M. Take / L. Wood (708)+54:30.7
41R. Gunn / A. Spier (316)+57:15.9
42A. Butler / J. Butler (315)+58:23.1
1E. Maguire / M. Potter (44)1:11:26.3
2J. Vandenberg / A. Hodgetts (80)+1:06.0
3T. Auty / J. Sutcliffe (53)+2:30.4
4S. Maguire / S. Benson (15)+3:56.6
5K. Wylie / J. Sims (55)+4:45.8
6B. Reading / A. Malcolm (21)+5:08.2
7M. How / N. Walker (45)+8:46.5
8S. Hill / R. Sheldrick (76)+9:06.1
9N. Grave / C. Sheahan (17)+9:13.7
10A. Peterson / G. Johnstone (35)+9:30.0
11R. Fincham / M. Young (43)+11:24.9
12J. Crawford / R. Adams (98)+12:00.5
13C. Lewis / A. Carr (39)+12:14.8
14B. Newman / T. Kuthanek (47)+12:20.2
15B. Fulton / J. Milner (13)+12:21.8
16B. Arnold / S. O'Reilly (22)+12:35.3
17T. Johnson / S. Norris (77)+14:15.8
18C. Benjamin / G. McGrath (20)+16:56.6
19M. Roberts / K. Peters (12)+41:09.6
1G. Gill / S. Prevot (1)2:35:06.8
2O. Veiby / S. Skjarmoen (3)+2:02.8
3M. Summerfield / N. Summerfield (22)+6:53.5
4D. Turner / M. Read (8)+7:59.9
5D. Galbraith / R. Hudson (28)+8:59.9
6R. Gardner / P. Hall (25)+12:41.4
7G. Featherstone / D. Devonport (26)+13:55.6
8J. Quantock / M. Hayward (35)+16:52.6
9D. Strong / B. McKenzie (32)+17:39.9
10R. Blomberg / L. Andersson (4)+17:45.5
11E. Creugnet / P. Delrieu (59)+17:52.9
12A. Bligh / R. Chalmers (74)+18:19.4
13T. Gosling / B. Read (38)+22:51.4
14M. Adams / K. Adams (57)+23:34.8
15D. Thomson / A. Hudson (47)+25:46.8
16M. Tregilgas / G. Goldring (50)+25:58.0
17J. Silcock / R. Atkinson (37)+26:08.5
18F. Takahashi / M. Nakamura (6)+28:17.6
19J. Williamson / B. Williamson (53)+33:13.9
20P. Abhilash / S. Gowda (5)+33:42.9
21B. Hunt / T. Rawstorn (7)+37:14.3
22D. Adnitt / T. Mabbett (61)+42:00.8
23S. Gyotoku / J. Mima (67)+43:37.4
24P. Fraser / C. Davison (58)+44:58.1
25M. Kaseya / K. Izuno (68)+56:58.5
26M. Cameron / H. Cameron (70)+1:03:23.5
27K. Kondo / K. Hayashi (69)+1:17:31.6
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