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5 days ago2020 Calendar has been updated.
6 days agoInternational Rally of Whangarei forced to postpone 2020 event
10 days agoMotorSport New Zealand to suspend all events for two months
 2020 Otago Rally will be postponed indefinitely
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Mon, 23 Mar 2020 - International Rally of Whangarei forced to postpone 2020 event

The scheduled 8-10 May running of the International Rally of Whangarei, the third round of the FIA Asia Pacific Rally Championship (APRC) has been forced to postpone.

A statement on Thursday 19 March by MotorSport New Zealand to suspend the necessary permit to run the event has forced the postponement. The event falls inside the two-month period of suspended activity – due to the COVID-19 situation.

“We are naturally disappointed to be caught-up in this ever-changing situation. As much as people are attempting to go about their lives the current reality today is, we cannot ...    more...

Thu, 19 Mar 2020 - MotorSport New Zealand to suspend all events for two months

MotorSport New Zealand has made the decision to suspend all MotorSport New Zealand permitted events, at all levels, initially for two months in response to the fast-evolving COVID-19 situation, effective immediately until May 19th.

Following a meeting between MotorSport New Zealand Management and the Board, it was decided that the most important thing to consider amid COVID-19 was the safety and wellbeing of all members of our sport, those that offer their services at events, the community in general and spectators.

In making this significant decision, both Management and the Board hope that the sport ...    more...

Thu, 19 Mar 2020 - 2020 Otago Rally will be postponed indefinitely

Due to the spread of COVID-19 the Otago Rally, one of New Zealand's major motorsports events, will not be held on the planned date of April 3-5, 2020.

It is unknown whether an alternative date later in 2020 is feasible. If this proves not to be the case, then the event will definitely be held in 2021.

Until recently it was felt that the event could have been run safely and to a high standard by adopting measures that minimised crowd sizes and avoided public gatherings.

The organisers have been tracking the escalation of COVID-19 and ...    more...

Mon, 9 Mar 2020 - Mackenzie & Sayers make it three out of three with win in latest Targa Bambina event.

Third time was indeed a charm for Auckland’s Haydn Mackenzie and his Hamilton-based co-driver Matt Sayers (Mitsubishi Evo 10 RS) as the pair won the first Targa tarmac rally event of the year, the two-day, Waikato-based, Targa Bambina, which finished in Hamilton this afternoon.

The pair won their first Targa tarmac rally together – the two-day Targa Hawke’s Bay event - in May last year then took on and won – on only their second attempt – the main five-day Targa New Zealand event through the central North Island in late October and early ...    more...

Sun, 8 Mar 2020 - Hayden Paddon wins inaugural Golden 1200 Hillclimb

Kiwi rally star Hayden Paddon won the inaugural Ben Nevis Station Golden 1200 Hillclimb which wrapped up on Sunday 8 March. Rotorua’s Sloan Cox was second and Kaiapoi’s Job Quantock third.

The overall leader-board was determined by adding a competitor’s best time from day one to their best time from day two. Cromwell-based Paddon’s combined time was 5m 49.3s compared to Cox’s 6m 13.5s and Quantock’s 6m 18.5s with the trio taking the top three places overall and in the open 4WD class. Paddon set the course ...    more...

Sat, 7 Mar 2020 - Mackenzie & Sayers dominate first day of Targa Bambina event.

Auckland’s Haydn Mackenzie and his Hamilton-based co-driver Matt Sayers (Mitsubishi Evo 10 RS) have dominated the first day of competition on this year’s two-day Targa Bambina in the south Waikato and King Country.

The pair won six of today’s seven timed special stages to arrive back in Hamilton with a lead of almost a minute (0:58.1) over second placed Subaru Impreza WRX driver Leigh Hopper and his co-driver Michael Goudie from Orewa (the only other pair to win a stage today) and just over one and three-quarter minutes (1:47.3) ahead of third placed David ...    more...

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1New ZealandJosh Marston50:08.6
2New ZealandJob Quantock+31.5
3New ZealandMarcus van Klink+2:11.5
4New ZealandGraham Ferguson+2:48.1
5New ZealandSean Haggarty+3:19.8
6New ZealandGaret Thomas+3:31.1
7New ZealandRobert McCallum+3:49.5
8New ZealandJohn Giltrap+3:56.6
9New ZealandRobbie Stokes+4:28.7
10New ZealandAndy Martin+4:35.4
11New ZealandTony Gosling+5:02.0
12New ZealandPeter Scharmach+5:10.0
13New ZealandDave Ollis+5:54.5
14New ZealandMark Parsons+6:20.0
15New ZealandGrant Walker+6:59.0
16New ZealandDavid Birkett+7:53.3
17New ZealandBrian Green+7:53.4
18New ZealandEddie Gray+8:01.0
19New ZealandBrent Rawstron+8:04.2
20New ZealandSimon Curry+8:27.5
1New ZealandHaydn Mackenzie1:54:00.9
2New ZealandDavid Rogers+4:19.7
3AustraliaRobert Darrington+5:20.8
4New ZealandJeremy Friar+7:03.1
5New ZealandIvan Knauf+7:41.7
6New ZealandMike Tubbs+7:50.8
7New ZealandAndrew Oakley+11:02.7
8New ZealandTroy Twomey+13:38.4
9New ZealandJohn Rae+15:17.3
10New ZealandAnthony Butler+16:09.3
11New ZealandTerry May+16:14.0
12New ZealandMark McCaughan+17:34.0
13New ZealandBob Boniface+18:08.5
14New ZealandRobert Webster+22:40.4
15New ZealandPatrick O'Donnell+22:55.3
16New ZealandDavid O'Neill+40:29.4
1New ZealandHayden Paddon (1)2:52.8
2New ZealandSloan Cox (2)3:02.3
3New ZealandJob Quantock (6)3:08.0
4New ZealandIan Ffitch (144)3:09.9
5New ZealandRobbie Stokes (16)3:12.2
6New ZealandScott Simpson (9)3:12.7
7New ZealandBen Terry (5)3:13.9
8New ZealandAndrew Graves (15)3:14.2
9New ZealandJohnny Racz (119)3:15.6
10New ZealandMike Wellington (10)3:16.1
11New ZealandMichael Tall (7)3:17.6
12New ZealandSteve Wellington (12)3:19.8
13New ZealandJames Mitchell (14)3:20.2
14New ZealandMark Tapper (30)3:20.7
15New ZealandCarter Strang (18)3:21.0
16New ZealandDavid Quantock (8)3:22.2
17New ZealandSean Haggarty (17)3:22.8
18New ZealandScott Jones (11)3:24.5
19New ZealandJeff Ward (46)3:24.7
20New ZealandJarod Owens (47)3:25.1
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